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Fish Oil


  • Canadian Made Dietary Supplements
  • Rich In Omega 3-6-9 (Epa And Dha)
  • Help Improve Heart Blood Vessels, Can Reduce The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease
  • Help Improve Brain Development, Can Prevent Brain Degradation
  • Help Improve Joint Health
  • Help To Relieve Gout
  • Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol Levels
  • No Preservatives and Artificial Colour Additives
  • Production Certified By Canadian GMP and NPN
  • 100 Capsules / Bottle
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Herbal-K Fish Oil used in these soft gels is Canada GMP manufactured under strict quality control standards that is tested to be free of potentially harmful levels of contaminants.

The central core of Herbal-K Fish oil is EPA and DHA that are key Omega-3s important for heart health. It may assist in stabilizing blood pressure, blood lipids, cholesterol, and maintain triglyceride levels, thus promoting cardiovascular health. Herbal-K Fish Oil is designed as a nutritional supplement for a healthy brain, eye, joint, and heart functions.


Half K (5 Bottles), 1K (10 Bottles), 2K (20 Bottles), 4K (40 Bottles)


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